Podolite Knee Cap (1-Pair)
Knee Cap Support
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Podolite Knee Cap (1-Pair)

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The muscles and ligaments supporting the knee joint, need to be strong, supple and in good condition. This enables free movement of the knee without straining it or injuring it. A knee cap is beneficial when individuals have suffered from injuries that make muscle ligaments and surrounding tissues weak. The cap provides support while carrying out activities that exert pressure on the knees. It provides support and stability to the knee to aid healing or prevent further damage to the knee joint or ligaments. The knee cap is manufactured using a dual-stretch material which is comfortable, soft and breathable. It can be used on the right or left knee and is easy to wear and remove.

Features of Podolite Knee Cap

  • Dual-stretch material for optimal fit.
  • Helps provide relief and compression.
  • Comfortable, breathable, soft materials.
  • Can be easily used while wearing shoes.
  • Sleeve is easy to put on and remove.

Feel 61%* of reduction in pain in the first three months of everday usage (Recommended to wear both at home and outside)