Why wearing slippers at home is good for your feet

Why wearing slippers at home is good for your feet

Have you ever come home from a long day at work and instantly started looking for something that can provide relaxation and coziness to your feet? You are not alone. Many people are aware that wearing slippers at home is a healthy practice that can make your feet feel warm and your heels comfortable. For those who are not aware of this, we will give you the basic and right information on why wearing slippers at home is a good addition to your in-home routine that can help you have less painful nights.

Our Feet is exposed to lot of surfaces

Back in history, humans were used to primarily walk on forgiving surfaces such as sand and dirt. Forgiving surfaces are those which naturally form to the shape of the feet. As the world has evolved, we are exposed to so many different types of surfaces that needs our feet to adjust to the surface. We are primarily at home, walking around. At home, the surfaces that we are exposed to are mainly tiles, concrete surface, hard surface, slippery surface. While there is nothing wrong with these surfaces, they do have a different relationship with our feet that must be taken into consideration. Unlike a forgiving surface that will naturally contour to your foot on impact, when your foot hits an unforgiving surface your foot is forced to try to contour to the ground, which can result in foot pain and foot problems over time.

Slippers help you way more than you can imagine

Have you ever spent the day walking around your home barefoot only to wake up the next morning with sore and aching feet? If you have, you’re not alone! Many people don’t make the correlation that their foot pain is due to walking on hard surfaces without having any supportive barrier protecting their feet and instead attribute it to something else they did the day prior. When you wear the right footwear, which are comfortable and have cushion features, they help the feet counter the hard surfaces that you are exposed to.  When your feet are properly supported, foot pain and strain decrease and you can move with the ease that you deserve too

Doctors always recommend wearing slippers at home

Podiatrist and Orthopedics do a very great job in explaining basic information on how little change in lifestyle like good exercises, selecting the right footwear on basis of its comfort and the diet that helps reduce foot issues without any medication. They also strictly recommend to wear slippers at home.

It’s a slow change but worth it

Wearing slippers at home should ideally be encouraged to anyone facing feet issues like excessive heel pain, plantar fasciitis, burns, etc. It’s a slow change, your feet is getting adjusted, In long run your feet will start extracting the benefits of wearing slippers at home. A happy feet in every step is your right to a comfortable life.

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Hi.. we received our order very happy.. as i am cancer serviouver
After treatment my toes nd feet has been numbness.. till date that’s still..so I have purchased acupuncture slippers from u.
Hope this will help me..now it’s 17 months of my recovery..but feet numbness still I suffer..

Kasturi Reddy

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