Footwear That Makes Your Feet Happy

Made from Doctor suggested MCP /MCR insoles. Footwear so comfortable, will eventually help you reduce your foot pain levels

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7 out of 10 Wear Wrong Footwear

7 out of 10 people wear wrong footwear in India, causing Flat Foot, Plantar Fasciitis,Heel Pain, Burning Sensation and several other Foot Problems. Some issues such as Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain might also be linked to foot. We have created India's first Podiatrist recommended Footwear for Medical Issues, Comfort and well-being.

How Does Podolite Help Reduce Foot and heel pain?

Podolite slippers uses MCP insoles, which are very soft on the heels, takes body weight evenly. MCP based footwear is widely recommended by doctors to reduce foot pain, ankle pain, back pain and for diabetes



Who is Podolite For?

Anyone facing issues such as foot pain, ankle pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, diabetes should try Podolite.

Do you offer Exchanges post purchase?

We offer 7 days free size exchanges where we arrange for product pick up from your location. We do not accept color exchange request.

Can i return the product if i do not like it?

We do accept returns in case you do not like the product. Refunds are subject to deduction of Rs 99. However, we have experienced 1 out of 50 orders as return rate!

Is Podolite Doctor Recommended?

Podolite slippers have been made with the suggestions of Doctors. Lot of Doctors suggest switching to MCP based slippers when dealing with foot issues.

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