Comfortable Footwear for your feet well-being

Footwear made from Micro cellular Rubber (MCP). For Pain Relief, Flat Foot, Plantar Fasciitis, & Other Foot Conditions​.

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Podolite's MCP footbed helps your tired feet meet the comfort that they deserve.



Who is Podolite For?

For Anyone looking for a comfortable pair of footwear that helps them reduce foot pain, heel pain and walk more.

Do you offer Exchanges post purchase?

We offer 7 days free size exchanges where we arrange for product pick up from your location. We do not accept color exchange request.

Can i return the product if i do not like it?

We do accept returns in case you do not like the product. Refunds are subject to deduction of Rs 99. However, we have experienced 1 out of 50 orders as return rate!

Is Podolite Doctor Recommended?

Podolite slippers have been made with the suggestions of Doctors. Lot of Doctors suggest switching to MCP based slippers when dealing with foot issues.

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